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Introducing our all new Traveler’s Mobile Data solution

Guarantee: Easiest Way to Access Internet Aboard

Simply choose your destination and duration of stay. Pay with your credit card. Receive Data SIM at your Hotel counter.
Just Perfectly Simple and Convenient.

Solve all mobile problem at once — buy a local data SIM. We understand sometimes it is time-consuming and difficult
to settle the “terms” with the local mobile service provider, sometimes they might not well-understood your needs, sometimes they introduced you to plan that cost you extra. Simply purchase your Data SIM with DAQTA now.


Never take the risk & Save up to $1000usd per trip

Using roaming data for just 5 minutes on Email checking can cost you a bill of $200USD – considering AT&T Pay-Per-Use Roaming Fee cost $19.968 per 1 megabytes/mb.

Never take the risk and use our local prepaid data SIM – price starting only from $24usd for 7 days (includes shipping).


Why Thousands of Happy Customers trust us?

We are the only Global data SIM card provider that sorts out the best mobile data SIM plan for you and provide you with the cheapest rate and best service quality.

You can save your precious time from researching which mobile service provider is the best, which data plan best suits you. You can easily just purchase your data SIM here and you are good to go — one less thing to deal with.


Enjoying and Sharing every minutes, everyday.

Enjoy your holiday with full internet access in your hands, use Google Maps whenever you need to, use Google Translate to communciate with the new friends you meet, use Facebook, Twitter to share every minutes of your life with your friends. Stay in touch easily with our data SIM card.

Our Promises to you for a Happier Holiday.

Carefree. Save Costs. Save Time. We understand you would like to access internet fully, without the worrying the high cost of roaming fee; even if you have signed up for some roaming package that allows you 100MB or 200MB, you will still have to worry about the limitation and the high cost of exceeding the limitation.

Purchase a data SIM card now and never worry about the cost of roaming fee, never waste your time visiting the local mobile service provider, never pay extra for access internet. Truly enjoy your holiday now!


Why Us?

DAQTA is founded in 2011 and has served more than thousands of customers now. Purchase your local data SIM from the No.1 online data SIM card centre. Our missions and guarantee:

  • Cheapest Rate
  • Worldwide Free Shipping
  • Always On Time – Never Delays
  • Simple Purchase – Buy SIM under 5 mins


See more reasons to buy local data SIM from us in the country detailed page, choose your countries now:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy from DAQTA?
The process is simple.
1. Choose your destination.
2. Choose your duration of stay.
3. Check out with Credit Card
4. Receive data SIM card 2 days before depart
5. Everything is set!
What happen when the balance/quota runs out?
When the balance/quota runs out, you can simply dispose the data SIM card, or you can visit a local prepaid SIM card store and request for a top-up services.
One of the key factors that we choose the local data SIM card is the convenience for top-up. You can easily top-up your local data SIM card in all major supermarket, ATM, convenient store. (Details Instruction will also be provided with your SIM card package)
When will I receive the data SIM?
You will receive the data SIM card within 2 days of your departure if you choose to receive your package at your local office/home. On the other hand, if you choose to receive your SIM card package at your travelling hotel, we make sure the data SIM package arrive before your arrival, so you can easily pick it up from the hotel counter with some form of ID.
The Good Part: Your usage quota starts from the departure date you filled in the order page instead of the date you have received your SIM card. Therefore even if you receive your SIM card early, we ensure that you can use your data SIM card from departure date plus 7, 14 or 30 days duration.


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