New Zealand Data SIM

New Zealand Data SIM

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Why buy DAQTA's New Zealand Data SIM?

- Access Internet in New Zealand Instantly
- Free Shipping Worldwide (Offer Expires soon!)
- Complete freedom, no contract
- Simple process to purchase our New Zealand Data SIM (in 5 mins!)
- Support any SIM card type

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Product Description

3 Simple Steps to Access Internet in New Zealand:
(Use DAQTA New Zealand Data SIM)

If you are struggling to find the easiest way to access internet in New Zealand, DAQTA provides the easiest solution. Our team has already done all the research on which New Zealand data SIM has the best coverage, best network signal with the cheapest rate available — so you do not have to waste time doing research on your own!

Simply (1.) choose the duration of your stay, (2.) purchase the New Zealand data SIM card in DAQTA with credit card, (3.) receive New Zealand data SIM package before your departure and you can access mobile internet instantly at the moment your plane land.

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New Zealand-data-sim-solve-it-all

Now You Can Stop Worrying About Internet Access in New Zealand and Start Enjoying Your Holiday!

You can stop the research of how to access internet in New Zealand and leave everything to us, and start enjoying your trip: the easiest, simplest solution to fix it all at once. Just a few more benefits of using DAQTA’s New Zealand data SIM:

  • - Save Roaming Cost up to USD$1000 per trip
  • - Save time from visiting local mobile service provider
  • - No need to rent and return mobile locally
  • - Access Internet ASAP when you land (till the moment you leave the country!)
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Complete Freedom. No contract. No Extra Cost. No $1000+ Roaming Bill.

Use more, spend less. Roaming billing can be very scary at times, it is not rare to receive roaming billing for over USD$1000 (Considering using 1mb cost USD$20, its $1000/50mb). Use our New Zealand data SIM to prevent your happy holiday turn into a into nightmare.

All our New Zealand data SIM card is free from any contract, any hidden cost, you can simply dispose the New Zealand data SIM after your usage.

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Support any SIM card types

All our New Zealand data SIM supports any SIM card types (Standard SIM, Micro SIM, or Nano SIM), just leave us a note in delivery notes on which SIM type you want. If you did not leave us any notes, a standard SIM will be sent on default.

high-speed-New Zealand-data-sim

High Speed Internet

We understand the speed of the internet is a crucial consideration and we ensure that all our New Zealand data SIM is using 3G HSDPA High Speed Internet (speeds up to 21.1 Mbps) and one of the fastest connections available in New Zealand.

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Worldwide Free Shipping

Special Offer Expires Soon! Our promotional offer includes a New Zealand data SIM card delivery to anywhere you want — for Free Shipping to your hotel front desk in New Zealand and simply pick up your New Zealand data SIM when you check in.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about New Zealand Data SIM card:

How do I buy from DAQTA?
1. Simple choose your duration of stay
2. Choose your SIM card type
3. Fill in personal information
4. Check out with Paypal account or credit card
a. If deliver to home/office, receive New Zealand Data SIM card package 2 days before departure
b. if delivery to hotel in New Zealand, pickup data SIM package at hotel counter with ID.
6. SIM card should be activated and you are ready to go!
What happen when the balance/quota runs out?
When the balance/quota runs out, you can simply dispose the SIM card, or you can visit a New Zealand local prepaid SIM card store and request for a top-up services. One of the key factors that we choose the local New Zealand Data SIM card is the convenience for top-up. You can easily top-up your local SIM card in all major supermarket, ATM, convenient store. (Details Instruction will also be provided with your SIM card package)
When will I receive the data SIM?
You can fill in your departure date in the checkout page. You will receive the New Zealand data SIM card within 2 days prior your departure if you choose to receive your package at your local office/home. On the other hand, if you choose to receive your SIM card package at your travelling hotel, we make sure that the SIM package arrives before your arrival, so you can easily pick it up from the hotel counter with some form of ID.

However, we do not assume any responsibility if you change your hotel or you cannot reach your hotel as schedules and no refund policy applies.

The Good Part: Your usage quota starts from the departure day you filled in the order page instead of the date you have received your SIM card. Therefore even if you receive your SIM card early, we ensure that you can use your SIM card from the departure day plus 7, 14 or 30 days duration.

Where can you deliver the SIM card?
We recommend you to deliver your SIM card to your hotel in New Zealand, so you can easily pick up your New Zealand data SIM when you check-in in your hotel. However, you can also choose to deliver the New Zealand data SIM to anywhere you want to. We ensure your SIM package will arrive 1-2 days before your departure.

How long does 1GB last usually?
Typically 1GB data can last for: 3000 emails (no attachments) + 500 emails with attachments + 3000 web pages + 300 social media posts with photos + 250 hours of Google Navigation usage.
5000 whatsapp messages (no attachments) + 5 hours of music streaming + 5 hours of youtube video streaming + 1000 emails with attachments + 100 web pages + 100 media posts with photos.
Can I purchase several New Zealand Data SIM?
You can purchase any number of New Zealand data SIM card you want, just update the quantity number next to the cart button, and add to cart. You can also choose different SIM card type for the SIM cards you purchased. Just leave us a note in checkout page and we will send you accordingly.

Purchasing several SIM cards enable you to whatsapp, viber, email, or even skype others during the trip to get in touch with others.

Can I receive and make phone calls?
No, our New Zealand data SIM card can only access to internet and cannot receive and make any phone calls.
Can I choose different size of SIM cards?
Yes, we provide several different size of SIM cards, you can choose from nano-sim (for iPhone 5, iPad mini etc), micro-sim (for Samsung Note 2 etc), or Standard SIM (for older models). Just leave us a note in the check out page and we will send you the required SIM card size accordingly.


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